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Providing Psychic Cleansings to Restore Your Path

A psychic cleansing is the perfect way to get your personal life back on track. At Psychic Messengers of Brentwood, California, we provide a variety of cleansing services to meet your needs. All services are priced on a case-by-case basis; please get in touch with us to request a quote.

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Road Opening

Finding the right direction in life can be difficult. We'll help you open a new road and find the way you want to go in this world.


Whether your desire is for money or for love, we can make it manifest. With this service, your wishes will grow, creating new opportunities.

Love Work

Every person's love life is different. That's why love work is so hard to define; it's truly unique to each individual. If you've experienced a loss of confidence in love due to having been hurt in the past, this service will enable you to overcome that obstacle. We'll help you love again.

Money Drawing

Money is a problematic subject for many people. Sometimes, individuals allow themselves to become blinded to financial opportunities that are right in front of them; in some cases, this is because of people in their lives inhibiting their growth. Money drawing changes your bad luck into good luck, causing money to enter your life.


We all need protection sometimes. Our protective psychic services relate to love, money, and many other issues. Let us help protect what's most important to you.